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How To Hire The Right People

Jul 12, 2019

We Hire Quality People.

Our strategy is that simple, and it’s that hard.

At The Escape Game, we believe in only selecting candidates who are an absolute culture-fit. Why? Because there is nothing more important than the people we bring into our organization. Nothing!

According to a Harvard Business School study, 76% of turnover can be traced back to poor interviewing practices and bad hiring decisions.

It doesn’t matter how skilled a candidate is, if we don’t trust them to protect our brand, they cannot work at The Escape Game. Additionally, if someone who doesn’t like interacting with others is placed in a guest-facing role, no amount of training or motivating will fix what we missed during the interview process. We cannot fundamentally change a candidate and we shouldn’t try to.

We believe that we can either spend a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort trying to motivate our team, or we can invest our efforts in interviewing and selecting candidates who are already self-motivated. We choose the latter approach. That’s because motivation matters. Motivation is the energy people invest in their work. A candidate’s skills are utterly useless without the motivation to use them.

All candidates can be motivated one way or another. Will they do the work if we offer rewards? Highly likely. Will the project get done faster if you threaten their job? Definitely. But that type of motivation is ineffective and inefficient. If we hire team members who are self-motivated, leaders can invest their time in training and caring for their team, not running in circles trying to motivate people who don’t actually care.

So how do we spot someone who is self-motivated? It’s all about how they view and overcome obstacles. Candidates who believe that solving problems is impossible because of factors outside of their control have an “external locus of control, while candidates who believe they can and will solve problems have an ‘internal locus of control.” Guess which candidate is self-motivated? Yup, internal locus of control wins every time.

Tips for Spotting The Best Candidates

Do They Have a Remarkably Good Attitude? Look for People Who Walk Into the Building Smiling, Not Just Ones that Smile During the Interview.

• Do their personal goals align with the mission, vision, and values?
• What is their attitude towards overcoming obstacles?
• How passionate are they about accomplishing the companies goals?
• Are they genuinely self-motivated? The candidate with the most self-motivation is the one for the job.
• Every time. It’s not about the eagerness to get the job, it’s about the eagerness to do the job.


During the interview, it is vital you focus on objective listening, so remember the following:
• Allow the candidate to do the majority of the talking and really listen to what they are saying
• don’t make up your mind too early in the interview process
• never make a decision based on how much you personally “like” the applicant
• base your decisions on solid information and not just a feeling that you can’t explain
• remind yourself that hiring based on feeling would never stand up in court if challenged

If you start with the wrong team then all the training in the world won’t really matter.  It’s worth taking the time to listen and invest in every interview.  At The Escape Game, we do multiple rounds of phone and in-person interviews for every single candidate. We want to make sure that every candidate is not only a skill fit but a true cultural fit.  You can always train skills but setting out to change personalities is rarely a winning strategy.