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Leaders’ Guide to Effective Communication

Jul 10, 2019


Good leaders know that communication isn’t just talking or firing off an email; it’s about ensuring that your message was actually received by the other person. As a leader, the burden of your message being accepted and acted upon rests on you. If your people are not listening to you, you should take a look at your communication style or method before blaming others. At The Escape Game, we like to follow five simple steps for effective communication.


Always take a moment to think before you speak. Your words carry real weight, and even more so if you have the word “leader” in your title.


Intentional listening is vitally important. As a leader, you should always listen more than you speak. Listen to understand the person, not to evaluate them.


People won’t always remember the words you said, but they will definitely remember your tone. No matter the conversation, a gracious tone ensures effective communication.


Even a great message won’t be received if your timing is off. Think about the other person’s emotions, state of mind, current tasks/schedule and then decide if it’s actually a good time to communicate with them.


This means preserving relationships even while delivering difficult messages. Tact is all about showing respect for the other person. A good rule of thumb is to tie the message back to a specific company value or message. This can create common ground and ensure messages do not feel like attacks, but rather calls to a standard.

As leaders, we have to be as intentional with how we communicate to our internal teams as we are about communicating to our customers or guests. When it comes to communication, “Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind” (Brené Brown). The five steps above can help leaders at any level ensure that they are communicating effectively. Low-quality communication completely undermines even the best of teams, but high quality communication elevates everyone and makes truly unstoppable teams.