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5 P’s For Building A Stronger Team

Jul 16, 2019

Here at The Escape Game, The 5 P’s have helped us build a healthy and dynamic company culture. That culture has directed and driven our strategy. Use the 5 P’s as your foundation and you’ll create a healthy culture that will build a successful business.



Does your organization have a mission, vision, and values? If you don’t have them or haven’t incorporated them in your daily company culture, maybe you think it’s just “fluff.” How are these ideas and ideals going to make a real impact? Ask an organization that puts the mission, vision, and values at the center of their business and you’ll hear a very different message. I’m sure that they will tell you that their mission, vision, and values are essentials. They are referenced daily by team members at all levels within the organization.

Your vision is where you are going, the bright future just beyond the horizon. It should be big and inspiring. Only the best version of your team can get there. Your mission is your compass and gives your organization direction. You’ll need a clear mission if you are ever going to realize your vision. Your values are how your organization does business and how your team members interact with each other. If something compromises a company value, you don’t do it. It’s that simple. Talk about decision-making made easy.

You’ll know you’ve accomplished the first P when anyone in the company can quote the mission, vision, or values from memory!

For inspiration, here’s our Mission, Vision and Values at TEG!

Mission: To design and deliver epic, interactive experiences for every single guest.

Vision: To define and dominate the escape game industry and disrupt the world of entertainment.


Passion: We love our guests, our brand, and our games.

Excellence: We are relentless in our pursuit to be the best.

Growth: We believe in expanding our business and developing our team members.

Integrity: We endeavor to honor God through hard work, honesty, fairness, and generosity.

Teamwork: We can best accomplish our goals by selflessly working together.

Creativity: We are always expanding the boundaries of what is possible.



People have to be the heart of your business. Only select candidates who are an absolute culture-fit. “Hire fast, fire fast” is terrible advice that will create a terrible culture. Take time to hire and train the right people. This will allow you to “home grow” leaders and create a culture where people are rewarded and promoted. How do you know if someone is a culture-fit? Head back to the first P! Are they excited about your vision? Do they share your values? Does the mission resonate with them?



You can love your people and still be relentless in your pursuit to be the best. You don’t have to be an organization that emphasizes people OR performance. As long as you have values to guide your interactions, you can be sure that the drive to be excellent won’t compromise your dedication to your people. Hire self-motivated team members that are competitive and genuinely want to perform at a high level!



When team members have the tools they need to succeed, they can serve the mission and vision in amazing ways. A process is simply “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.” It’s simple: who does what, when, and how. If you hire the right people and provide the process, self-motivated employees will help the organization win.



At The Escape Game, we view our guest experience as a show. You want your guests to be completely immersed in your brand when they step through your doors. Everyone plays a part, and it’s your job as a leader to train the right behaviors. Turn your guest experience into a production that your team is excited to participate in.


Well, that’s it! If you have thoughts, questions or ideas, email us at!