You’ve crash-landed on the surface of Mars, turning your mild research mission into a mad-dash of repairs! Radiation is rising fast. You’ve got to get your systems back online and relaunch into orbit if you want to make it out alive. The real challenge? You’ve been cut off from the Command Deck! Your team’s only hope is to work together and direct an outdated service android through the ship’s repairs.

Up To 8 Players
One Hour
8/10 Difficulty

Mission: Mars Android

Space Race | Mission: Mars

Space Race combines the immersion of an in-person escape room with the interaction of an online puzzle game. Just like our other virtual experiences, you and your team join a Zoom call with one of our dedicated hosts. Then, everyone accesses an interactive dashboard to explore rooms and solve puzzles together. Unlike our other Remote Adventures, this game is completely virtual! There is no Game Guide searching a physical room. Instead, the power is in your hands and YOU control the action! As you solve and explore, videos will play to give mission updates and reward your progress!

Space Race is totally virtual!

Team up with one of our hosts on Zoom, open your interactive player dashboard, and start your mission wherever you are!

Virtual Escape Room

Recommendations for the best experience:


Use a computer

You’ll need a bigger, more customizable screen than a phone or tablet.



These will help a lot with sound effects and game videos.

Chrome Browser

Google Chrome

The game is optimized for the latest version of Google Chrome.

FAQ and Important Info

Minimum Purchases

There’s no minimum player count, but you must purchase a minimum of 4 spots to reserve a game.

Can more than one person play from the same device?

Reservations are made for players, not devices. If you have more than one player on a single device, each of those players will require a paid reservation.

How do I start my game?

You’ll receive a confirmation email after reserving a game time. Then, we’ll send a Zoom link to your game at least 2 hours in advance of your game time. Please share this link with your team.

Is there an age limit?

Nope! We recommend our games for ages 13 and up, but can accommodate players of all ages. Some game content may be too difficult for players under 13. An adult, 18 or older, must participate with anyone under 15.

$28 Per Player | Up To 8 Players Per Game

All games are private experiences.

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Space Race: Mission Mars is the perfect team building activity for groups from 4-40.

Note: The next available Space Race game will not be until Summer 2022.
Please check out our Virtual Team Building page for more large group options. Thank you.