Virtual Escape Rooms

For Remote and Hybrid Teams

  • 75 minutes
  • 4-400 players
  • $30-32 per player
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How it Works

Remote Adventures are real escape rooms you can play from your home or office over Zoom (or similar video conferencing platform)! First, you’ll join the event and be greeted by a Host who will explain how to play. Next, you’ll meet your Game Guide who is in the escape room streaming live and will serve as your team’s eyes, ears, hands and feet. You’ll progress through the game by directing the Game Guide and by using a digital dashboard which includes 360 scans of the room and an inventory system. Your team will have 60 minutes to complete a mission and escape.

Event Flow

Activity Time
Icebreakers and Instructions 10 Minutes
Gameplay 60 Minutes
Debrief 5 Minutes

Watch the video below to learn more!


Gold Rush

If you’re reading this, your distant relative Clyde Hamilton is dead. It’s a race against time and the rest of town to find his massive stash of hidden gold. Crack codes and follow clues to find the fortune first!

Prison Break

1955. You’ve been wrongfully accused and sentenced to life without parole in the treacherous Iron Gate Prison. Can you complete a daring escape before you learn what the warden returns? There are a million ways into Iron Gate, but only one way out and you’ve got to find it FAST.

The Heist

A recently stolen masterpiece is suspected to be hidden inside the office of Vincent Hahn, an untrustworthy curator for a world-renowned museum. With the help of an intelligence agent on the outside, you have one hour to find your way into Hahn’s office, recover the painting, and slip away unnoticed.

Rugrats: Search for the Losted Toys

Angelica has tricked the babies and hidden all of their bestest toys. But, oh, no! She unwittingly misplaced her beloved Cynthia doll, too! Join Tommy and the gang to track down their most favoritest toys and save playtime!

Ruins: Forbidden Treasure

Do you dare enter a mysterious temple for the chance to uncover forgotten riches? While on what seemed to be a safe tour over lush jungle landscapes, things quickly fell apart, leaving you stranded at the foot of ancient temple ruins — fabled home of a massive treasure.

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