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The Escape Game is perfect for team bonding activity for groups who want to learn and grow together. Together they will improve communication skills, problem solve, and become a more successful team as they work to discover clues and escape!

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The Escape Game New York City is a fantastic team building activity to bond and develop professional skills.

after team building at The Escape Game

after team building at The Escape Game

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Located in Midtown Manhattan

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The Escape Game New York City
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Immersive and Interactive Team Building

Team building activities are more important now than they have ever been before. With so many companies in remote and hybrid working situations, it takes intentional effort to bring your team to work cohesively together!

The Escape Game New York City is here to help with that. Upon entering one of our immersive escape rooms, your team will amp up the creativity, communication, and collaboration as they work together against the clock to uncover hidden clues and solve puzzles. There’s a 60-minute time limit, so they’ll need to work quickly in order to escape!

Why Do An Escape Room For Your Next Team Meeting?

What is it about escape rooms that create such an awesome environment for team building? Why do a fun activity at The Escape Game over other large group options? That’s because every single team member matters when you step into an escape room.

If you want to escape prison or find hidden gold, each person needs to work together to uncover hidden clues and solve intricate puzzles. Your team will learn a lot about themselves and each other while developing professional skills and improving company culture.

Escape Rooms Build Trust

It can take a lot to come to trust the people we work around. Now add that so many of us are working remotely, we can tend to rely solely on ourselves rather than trusting our coworkers to collaborate well.

These habits need to be broken if you want to have a healthy, functional work culture. When your team does an escape room, they’ll experience first-hand how clever and capable their colleagues are.

Your Team Can Learn How To Communicate

There are no other options but communication, communication, communication. Your team will not be able to escape if they don’t learn to communicate well. But that’s a good thing! If your team has become accustomed to working solo and aren’t inclined to collaborate, they need this shake up! Their best work is ahead of them when they learn to communicate and collaborate on work projects the way they will in The Escape Game.

The Escape Game is Affordable Team Building

If you’ve been in the team building game long enough, you know it can become quite pricey. Especially if you’re trying to make it fun and exciting for your team. But there’s only so much that can happen on a dinner cruise or another weekend retreat to the mountains that results in actual team building skills. Though there’s a place for those trips, The Escape Game is an awesome, affordable option that actually incentivizes team members to work together.  

Bonds Are Formed In Escape Rooms

There really is nothing like working shoulder-to-shoulder to create or achieve something tangible. When your team finally makes their epic escape, actual bonds have been formed. It may take a minute to break the ice and for everyone to start collaborating and communicating, but team-after-team has walked away high-fiving and recalling the clutch moments that either won or lost the game. 

Your Team Learns How To Win And Lose Together

Let’s face it. We don’t always win. We don’t always get the client. We don’t always sell the product. Your team may not always escape with the stolen masterpiece or find the gold. There are just as many, if not more, lessons to be learned in losing as there are to be learned in winning. When your team can walk away from The Escape Game after not escaping in 60 minutes, but they all walk away together, that’s a win! 

The Escape Game is fun!

Team building should always be an enjoyable experience! What could be more fun than saving the world together with your team?

Creativity and Escape Rooms

According to a Gallup survey, 35% of lower-level employees say they’re only given time to be creative a few times a year or less. The problem is that innovation does not come without creativity. When you reserve a great team building exercise with The Escape Game, you’re creating space for creative development that will pay off as your team takes those creative skills back to the workspace!

People Love The Escape Game

But you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out what others have had to say about The Escape Game New York City:

“Amazing team building experience. We had no choice but to work together and use everyone’s individual strengths to get out.”

“My team finished 1st. That’s all that matters. 1st day on a new job, great team building exercise.”

“Had an awesome time here for a team building experience with colleagues. The staff was friendly and helpful and the room we did was incredibly interesting. I definitely recommend giving this place a try whether you’re a local or visiting NYC.”

“Amazing experience! Highly recommended for team building and communication!”

“It was a wonderful team building experience! 

Place to Eat

Located between Rockefeller Plaza and the Empire State Building, there are so many things to do and places to grab a bite before or after your game. You can easily make a day out of it with your team.

Park Avenue Tavern – A block away

Park Avenue Tavern is the quintessential American bar and restaurant that centers around a combination of classic New York City elegance and over the top hospitality. Park Avenue Tavern has two private dining or event spaces that can be reserved for your team to celebrate your win, or plan for how you’ll escape next time!

Tonchin New York – A few blocks away

At Tonchin, your team can choose from delicious Japanese cuisine with  signature broths, handmade noodles, and delicious entrees! While the simple exterior may catch you off guard, the interior is the perfect place to rehash your escape room experience!

The Ainsworth – A few blocks away

The Ainsworth brings a sophisticated twist to the classic all-American sports bar, restaurant and private event experience. Grab a cocktail, cold beer, or perfectly grilled steak with your team before or after your game. The happy, high-energy atmosphere will keep your team engaged and will help create more memories!