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With in-person and remote options available, your team can experience an epic adventure together, growing into a stronger unit. The fun of collectively taking on an adventure creates a bond like few other activities can. You don’t even need to escape for this to work! The fun is in the adventure and the common goal, with high-level teamwork built right in.

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The Escape Game Irvine is a fun and engaging team building outing that boosts morale and develops team communication.

after team building at The Escape Game

after team building at The Escape Game

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Located in Irvine Spectrum Center

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The Escape Game Irvine
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The Escape Game Is Epic For Everyone

Whether in real life or virtually, The Escape Game Irvine is an awesome place for your team to spend 60 minutes collaborating in a high-intensity, epic environment. Playing a team building game helps them grow closer together and develop professional skills that will improve company culture.

At the Escape Game Irvine, your team will encounter a variety of fun and engaging worlds—late night at a market where you’ve been sent on investigation; inside a prestigious museum searching for a stolen masterpiece. Not sure what to expect? Take a deeper look at some of the immersive worlds that your group of people can step into during their escape room team building event.

Gold Rush: For nearly two centuries, the hope of gold has lured people to the hills of Northern California. No one was more captivated than Clyde Hamilton, a greedy old prospector who loved to gamble. Clyde made too many bets with the wrong crowd and now he’s missing. You’ve been tipped off to where he stashed his gold…but so has the mob. Find it first!

Special Ops: Mysterious Market: You and your fellow agents have been sent to investigate the area’s local market. It’s late. It’s quiet. But something is not quite right. Just as you’re about to wrap up your inspection, you encounter a very unexpected twist. Should you have seen this coming?

Prison Break: The year is 1955. You’ve been wrongfully accused of a crime, and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Your new “home” is a cell that once belonged to an inmate who disappeared without a trace…or did he? Some claim he escaped. Others swear he was murdered by the infamously cruel warden. But no one actually knows…can you escape before you suffer the same fate?

The Heist: Your world-class espionage outfit has landed you inside a prestigious art museum. A recently stolen masterpiece is presumed hidden within the office of the museum’s egotistical curator, Vincent Hahn. With the help of your intelligence agent on the outside, you have one hour to find your way into Hahn’s office, recover the painting, and slip away before Hahn returns.

Playground: Summer is here! Well, almost. If you and your friends are going to leave for summer vacation, you’ll need your final report card. Here’s the problem: you haven’t finished your work and these assignments are unlike anything you’ve encountered in a classroom before. Luckily, you’ve got a great squad and everyone brings something different to the table. Band together and ace the ultimate group project. Pass or fail, you’re in this together!

Our escape rooms have been designed with careful attention to every detail.

We want to create the most epic experience for your successful team. Here’s what others have to say about The Escape Game Irvine:

“We’ve played a lot of escape rooms and the production values of these rooms are the best. The puzzles are fun and just challenging enough to be tough but solvable, the tech is fantastic and the theming of the rooms is amazing! The first room we did was one of the coolest rooms we’ve ever seen. You really feel like you’re in a cabin in the woods somewhere.

The game masters were great and overall, it was a great experience. Definitely a ‘can’t miss’ if you’re into escape rooms.”

“I’ve played almost 70 escape rooms to date and The Escape Game has some of the best games I have ever played. I played in group sizes of 3-5, with players experience-levels between one game and over 100 games played, and everyone enjoyed each game. The first we played was Prison Break, which was a blast from start to finish. The immersion was fantastic and the puzzles were well suited for the story.

Next was Gold Rush, which was even better. There was an element in this game that I never thought I’d get to do in an escape room! Third was The Heist, which I had played previously in Orlando. Honestly, The Heist is my least favorite game out of the five currently at this location, but it’s worth playing if you are wanting to play another room without having to travel elsewhere.

Fourth was Playground, which very easily secured a spot in my all time top five favorite games. Just play it, trust me. Lastly was Spec Ops, which had a fantastic transition between play spaces and unique puzzles for each of the spaces.

This is not a company you want to skip playing. I HIGHLY recommend playing here, especially Playground, Gold Rush, and Special Ops. Thanks to Zack for having me and my team play!”

“This place is AMAZING!! I have done a ton of escape rooms, and this one is without a doubt my favorite. They put so much attention to detail in the rooms.

I did the Gold Rush room, and it was so much fun! We completed it with 7 minutes left with just a group of 3.

I like that it’s not just one room—you get to solve puzzles to get into other rooms. It was challenging without being too difficult. All of the props and decorations are extremely well thought-out and high quality! We will return!!!”

Team Building is especially important in an increasingly digital age.

Are you and your team feeling the monotony of meetings? In this Zoom-intense and meeting-heavy world, we all need a break from the day-to-day. If your team works in-person every day, it’s important to have moments where they can get out of the office. And if your team is remote, team building is all the more important without the day-to-day interaction found in the office.

Whether you only recently started the remote working model or you’re an early adopter and your team has been remote for years, working remotely comes with its own set of problems.

In a recent Buffer survey of over 3,500 remote workers, while 98% of workers agreed with the statement that they want to continue to work remotely (at least some of the time) for the rest of their careers, they struggle with collaboration, communication, problem solving, and loneliness. However, the benefits of team building can counteract these problems.

The good news is The Escape Game Irvine can help! Our epic and expertly crafted escape rooms are available virtually! To play, your team can take on one of our escape games via a live camera feed, hosted by one of our Game Guides, who will be your eyes, ears, hands, and feet in the room!

Playing in person at The Escape Game Irvine?

Here are some nearby spots to take your small group before or after your team building exercise:

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