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Which “Friends” Character is Best at Escape Rooms?

Nov 5, 2018

You and your friends love to compete in escape rooms, but how would the famous “Friends” do? After extensive research and a detailed 1-10 rating system, here’s the official ranking of “Friends” characters in escape rooms!

Joey – 2/10


Joey – though he’s a sweet guy and talented actor – is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Joey is a simple guy who knows what he likes: food, women…and that’s pretty much it. He’s a loyal friend and an all around good guy, but an escape room takes a keen eye and competitive spirit, which Joey only gets when you try to take food off his plate…JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!!


Chandler – 4/10


While Chandler is more focused and driven than Joey, his escaping talent falls well below par. Why? He can never seem to escape his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Janice. Even when he marries another woman, Janice still seems to show up all the time, even as a possible next-door neighbor.


Rachel – 5/10


Rachel is good at escaping, she even escaped her own wedding in the memorable first few minutes of the series! Rachel escaped the upscale life she’d grown up with in order to achieve success on her own. So she should be great in an escape room, right? Well, Rachel seems to be easily distracted by her on-again, off-again relationship with Ross and the drama of her friends. If Rachel could get her head in the game, she’d do great in an escape room!


Ross – 7/10


Ross is, as he often reminds his friends, a paleontologist. For a living, he uses artifacts and bones uncovered in far-away places to figure out huge mysteries about our Earth’s history. If that’s not a great escape artist, then what is? Like Rachel, however, Ross gets easily distracted. He has a son, an ex-wife, another ex-wife, and (get this) ANOTHER ex-wife…Ross has a lot of drama and can get distracted from the subject at hand, especially in an escape room.


Phoebe 8/10


Phoebe grew up on the streets. Phoebe has experience using her cunning and skill to escape pressing situations. Phoebe is a tough, smart, and self-reliant woman who would be great at an escape game! So why isn’t she in the number 1 spot? Phoebe isn’t one for competition. She lacks the passion for “being number one” that is required to win an escape room.


Monica 10/10


Monica is the perfect escape game player! She’s a fierce competitor, has a keen eye for detail, and can work under the most difficult of time constraints. She can easily block out difficult distractions and focus on her work. She is relentless, she is tenacious, she is everything it takes to win an escape room!

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