What TV Shows Can Teach Us About Beating Escape Rooms

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Posted: Wednesday, Jan 16 2019

Do you think you can break Leonard, Amy, Raj, and Emily’s record of solving an escape room in just 6 minutes? Or would you trap your friend in a room and solve the puzzles without them as Mac, Charlie, Dennis, and Frank did to Dee? Here are 5 tips from some of your favorite TV Show characters on how to (or how not to) solve an escape room.

1) The Big Bang Theory

Take your time! Unless your team members have masterminds like Leonard, Amy, Raj, or Emily and can solve all the clues in the escape room in just 6 minutes, remember that you have a full 60-minutes to use your mind, body, and all 5 senses to immerse yourself into a world of adventure. Use the time to your advantage!

Be a team! When it comes to building the perfect escape game team, one person cannot take on the entire escape game alone – it takes teamwork to find all the clues, solve each puzzle, and escape the room.

2) It’s Always Sunny

Work together! Excluding a team member can make it tough when it comes to solving escape rooms. Your teammates could see a clue that no one else sees. Everyone should be working together to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape the room.

Be gentle. Throwing, smashing, and damaging things in the escape room will not make it any easier for your team (really, don’t do this). All the clues in the escape room are there for a reason: to help you escape! Also, keep in mind that our games guide are there to help and can see what you’re doing in the escape room. Utilize them and ask for a clue when needed!

3) 2 Broke Girls

Pay attention! Though The Escape Game is interactive and exciting, safety is important. Feel free to open drawers, move paintings, crawl around and interact with the room. However, read the signs and pay attention. You don’t want to jump into any holes like Caroline! Instead, pay attention to the intro video and understand all of the dos and don’ts.

Put These Escape Room Tips To Action

Solving an escape room takes teamwork, communication, and skill. You don’t have to have a super genius IQ to get out of a room, you just need to have great teammates! Think you have what it takes to beat an escape room? Find a location near you and book your adventure at The Escape Game.

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