Virtual Team Building for Groups of 100+

Virtual Team Building
Posted: Friday, Mar 19 2021

It can be very difficult to make your remote team feel connected when working so far away from each other, especially if you have a group of 100 or more people. The larger a group gets, the more difficult it is to make sure everyone is involved in the conversation! That being said, team building is necessary to get all of the members of your team working together and communicating effectively.

Why do Large Groups Need Virtual Team Building?

The truth is groups of ALL sizes need to team build. During a time when people are feeling isolated working at home, it’s important to remind your team that you have a vested interest in their well-being.

Not only does team building help people connect with one another, but it actually promotes a healthier work environment!

Teams that participate in regular team building events have

·  More trust in one another

·  Effective communication skills

·  Increased productivity

·  Better connections with one another

·  Creative problem-solving skills

·  Better conflict resolution skills

·  Open mindedness

It’s important to plan virtual team building events for your teams of all sizes, but especially for large teams that are working remotely. Smaller teams – even those that work from home – are more likely to talk to one another every day. It’s much easier for smaller teams to collaborate on issues on a day-to-day basis.

Larger teams may go weeks without speaking to another person on their team! This lack of communication and connection could very possibly translate into their work and result in decreased performance. The better a team understands how to work well with one another, the better their performance will be!

So, you need a virtual team building activity that can support large teams. One that promotes collaboration, communication, and a little bit of healthy competition while having the ability to engage every member of your large team. A really fun virtual team building activity that you can try is an escape room online!

Escape Rooms for Team Building

You may have heard of escape rooms before. Within the last few years, escape rooms have been popping up all over the world. A group of people heads into a room with one goal in mind: escaping. The path to the key that unlocks the door is paved with clues, mysteries, and riddles. The team will have to put their heads together and communicate effectively in order to crack the code, find the key, and escape the room. If they are unable to do so before the time runs out, they are trapped in the room forever! Just kidding. Escape rooms are one of the top activities for team building. Companies visit escape rooms to boost morale, development leadership skills, to say thank you to a group or interns and even during the interview process. 

Now, with many organizations working from home, taking escape rooms online have allowed remote teams all over the world to participate in a fun virtual team building activity together. 

Unlocked for Teams: Competitive Team Building

We’re here today to discuss the best Zoom team building activity for large teams, The Escape Game: Unlocked for Teams! Unlocked for Teams is a fun virtual team building experience that is perfect for large groups. It’s recommended for groups of 30 and up.

In Unlocked for Teams, players start in one big Zoom conference. After being briefed on their mission, they are split into Zoom Breakout Rooms. The team to complete their mission first, wins! It’s fun, competitive and collaborative. There are a few different game options. For example, if you play Chasing Hahn, your team will compete to track down an infamous art thief and issue an arrest warrant before the other teams. We will discuss the booking process in a bit.

Here’s a quick video that explains how Unlocked for Teams works:

What to Expect on Event Day

On the day of your team’s fun virtual team building event, everyone will meet in the main Zoom conference room. The CEO or main organizer of the event will have an opportunity to address everyone before they break off into Zoom breakout rooms.

·  During this time, it’s important to make your large team aware of why you have selected this type of virtual team building exercise. Are you celebrating something? Is this a social event? Will you be keeping an eye on their performance and testing their skills in some way, shape, or form?

·  Set the tone: Virtual team building exercises are meant to be productive and fun. If you make the whole thing a test, participants may feel tricked into playing and not want to do it again.

Once the teams are broken up into their respective Zoom breakout rooms, they will each be given a mission to complete and a virtual guide that will give them clues or answer questions along the way. The team that completes their mission and returns to the main Zoom conference room first is the winner!

After the Event

Before everyone goes back to their regular schedule, the event organizer will have another chance to address the team, if they wish. This is a good time for everyone to congratulate the winners. 

·  A great way to end a fun virtual team building event is with a team hangout. When you send out the memo for the event, invite everyone to stick around for 30-60 minutes and hang out and discuss their experiences!

·  Encourage team members to reflect on their own performances and ask them what they learned about themselves and their team members. How can they apply what they learned to real-life scenarios at work?

How are Zoom Breakout Rooms Utilized in Unlocked for Teams?

Zoom breakout rooms allow users to split their team up into a maximum of 50 smaller teams. 

Typically we recommend going with randomized rooms so your team is collaborating with team members they don’t usually interact with. The event organizer is able to switch back and forth between Zoom breakout rooms and check in on the teams.

How to book The Escape Game: Unlocked for Teams

The booking process for your large virtual team building event is really simple! In fact, our friends over at Haven Life recently told us one of their favorite parts of the event was that “it was super easy to set up.” Thanks, y’all!

Here is the step-by-step booking process for booking an escape room online with The Escape Game:

1. Reach out

·  Fill out a form

·  Email us at,

·  Call us at (615) 488-3163. Our typical response time is 1-2 business hours, often quicker. We can’t wait to chat about your event!

2. Plan with Our Team

Our Event Coordinators will plan with you over phone or email, whatever works best for you. If you already know what you’re looking for, we can typically get you booked within 10-15 minutes. 

3. Payment

You can pay over the phone or we can send an invoice to your team. Whatever is more convenient for you.

4. Event Confirmation

We’ll send you a confirmation with details that can be shared with your team.

5. Receive Video Conference Link

The day before your event, you’ll receive the link(s) that your team will use to join the Zoom team building fun. You’ll send this to participants who will click the link to join at your scheduled start time.

6. Have a Blast at Your Event!

Your event will take place over a video conferencing software like Zoom, for example. You can also use Google Hangouts, if you prefer! Your team will collaborate and compete in an exciting, challenging, fun and funny experience.

Why Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building Exercises?

The best thing about virtual escape rooms is that they promote team collaboration, communication, and competition. In each Zoom breakout room, there is a team working toward a common goal, pushing each other to think creatively, motivating each other, and celebrating little wins along the way. It may feel like this is all fun and games during the fun virtual team building event, but these feelings can stick around and help teams work well together where it counts: at work!

A little bit of competition between teams and team members can be a really good thing! In order to have an effective competition that results in a winning team, that team must collaborate and communicate effectively. You cannot have healthy competition without effective collaboration. That’s why inviting your team to do an escape room online is such a great idea! They get to learn valuable lessons and have fun while doing it.

Here’s how The Escape Game: Unlocked for Teams promotes collaboration and healthy competition:

·  Once they are broken up into teams, they will have to choose a team captain. This gets the team started with collaborating right off the bat!

·  After the team understands what they have to do, they will analyze evidence files, audio recordings, and channel their inner detectives to solve the puzzles!

·  While they work toward completing the mission, they will demonstrate their best problem-solving skills, practice leadership skills, and have the opportunity to have a little bit of fun with each other.

In the end, your teams will likely see that the skills they practice during an online escape room will translate well into real-life situations at work!

Virtual Escape Rooms are Perfect for ALL Teams

Have you been looking for a fun team building exercise that you can play with your WHOLE team, but some members are remote workers while others are working in the office? Virtual escape rooms are the perfect solution.

All a team member needs to participate is a computer with an internet connection! As long as they are able to sign into their email to receive the invitation and can log onto Zoom, they will be able to participate from anywhere in the world!

It can be very difficult for teams to work well together, especially if they don’t ever have the opportunity to meet face to face. Sure, you probably have regular meetings where your team has the chance to check in with each other about how their work is going, but that doesn’t really give them the chance to get to know each other.

Virtual team building exercises allow your large team a unique opportunity to gather together and work towards a low-stakes common goal. Sure, the ultimate goal is to be the first team to solve the puzzle. But as long as the teams feel like they had fun, understand each other a little better, and really gave it their best shot, everyone wins!

Plan Your Virtual Team Building Event, Today!

The Escape Game cannot wait to help your large team come together for a remote experience. We are dedicated to creating epic online team building activities and making sure these options are accessible for all team sizes and makeups. 

Booking your fun virtual team building event is fast and easy! If you have any questions about the virtual team building event for large groups that weren’t answered here, don’t hesitate to reach out! One of our Event Coordinators will be happy to answer any and all questions. We can’t wait to see you in your virtual escape room!