Virtual Holiday Party Ideas (2021)

Posted: Wednesday, Sep 29 2021

A virtual holiday party is the perfect opportunity to get your team together for some winter-themed office fun and get everyone in the holiday spirit. It’s important to offer a chance to celebrate successes from the year and reward each other for jobs well done! While holiday parties are nothing new, hosting them online is still mostly uncharted territory. Here we’ll share how to host an enjoyable virtual holiday party!

What is a Virtual Holiday Party?

A virtual holiday party is just like a regular office holiday party, but hosted online for hybrid and remote employees. This may require a bit more intentional planning than holiday parties of the past, but it can still be a fun, memorable experience for your remote team! 

Christmas, the most popular December celebration in America, is a traditionally religious holiday. However, it may be worth taking the individual members of your team into consideration. While there’s nothing wrong with Christmas, you may want to consider hosting a more general “holiday-themed” party to stay as inclusive as possible and avoid any team members feeling left out! 

No matter the exact theme of your party, the most important thing is making it fun for everyone! Unsure how to do that? Don’t worry. Here are some awesome ideas and games to play for a holiday season celebration your team will be talking about until next spring!

Virtual Holiday Party Games and Ideas Everyone Will Love

1. Cookie Bake-off

A cookie bake off is a classic for virtual holiday parties

Who doesn’t love having their home filled with the delicious scent of freshly baked cookies? The holidays are the perfect time to get everyone together for a no-competition “bake off!” 

Before your holiday party, send out an email with an easy recipe that doesn’t require any expensive or difficult-to-find ingredients. Snicker-doodles or chocolate chip cookies are always great options!
While the cookies are baking, your group can go around and share stories about your holiday traditions as children or talk about what you all love most about this time of year. If you need some ice breakers, check them out here!

2. Virtual Escape Room

If you’re looking to throw a holiday-neutral party, getting everyone together for a virtual escape room by The Escape Game is a must! Your team will have 60 minutes to escape an immersive adventure, while collaborating quickly together. Everyone will have a blast putting their skills to the test solving puzzles, finding clues, and escaping the room before it’s too late!
Virtual escape games are also great for strengthening team bonds, which could be especially important to keep your remote or hybrid team connected as people take time off for the holidays.

3. Holiday Happy Hour with Sourced Cocktails

Try some cocktails together as part of your virtual holiday party

Dependent on your location, and your team’s dynamic, you can take advantage of Sourced Cocktail’s Virtual Happy Hour Program. First, set up a meeting with one of their mixologists. Then, let them know what your team is interested in. Afterwards they’ll package up everything you need to craft the perfect cocktail!

On the day of your virtual holiday party, your personal Sourced mixologist will meet you on Zoom to teach everyone how to make their cocktail while doing some fun trivia and Q&A! 

Tip: Make sure all your party guests are comfortable drinking alcohol. If there’s someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, you could ask them if they’d be comfortable with a “mock-tail” option. Otherwise, on to the next idea!

4. Holiday Game Show

For an event filled with trivia, riddles, song challenges, and endless laughter, playing a holiday-themed game show is definitely the way to go! The Escape Game’s Holiday Game Show will have your team both scratching their ends and holding their bellies as they work together in this epic team building activity!

5. Decorating Party

This can be a really special treat if you had to transition to working from home and your team is missing the office culture. The holidays are often a time of year that really brings everyone in the office together – desk decorating, passing out holiday cards, bringing in yummy treats…Missing out on that for the second year in a row can be a real bummer!

To bring a little taste of what everyone is missing, have a mini holiday decorating party together. Ask everyone to pick a room in their home to decorate, or decorate their desk at home, or send out packages with everything they need to decorate their own stockings. This can be a really special treat for the people in your office who miss their families around this time of year.

To make things extra fun, make a holiday playlist by asking everyone to take turns playing their favorite holiday song!

6. Holiday Movie Night

Introducing family members can make a virtual holiday party feel personal

First, email out a survey of popular holiday movies that are currently streaming and ask everyone to vote for their favorite one. Then, use the app WatchParty to stream the movie to everyone’s computers, so no one has to worry about scrambling to find the video or syncing up with each other! 

If you’d like to make your movie night a little bit more of a social event, have a cocktail hour before and/or after the movie. Everyone can share their other favorite movies and discuss their favorite parts, snack on holiday cookies and beverages, and settle in for a cozy night. Encourage everyone to bring their families to the show!

7. Gingerbread Decorating Contest

Gingerbread decorating as part of a virtual holiday party

Head over to Amazon and grab everyone on your team a gingerbread house kit like this one. Send it to each team member a few days before the holiday party and let them know they’ve been selected to join the biggest gingerbread house decorating contest your office has ever seen!

Set up a nice prize for the winner (perhaps a gift card or the opportunity to choose the theme of the next virtual office party) and tell everyone they have 30-minutes to create the most epic gingerbread house possible!

8. Secret Santa

Would a holiday party really be a holiday party without some good, old-fashioned Secret Santa gift exchange?

This year, you can give Secret Santa a tech-y twist by using Elfster to determine who has who. Then, ask everyone to anonymously send their gift ahead of time. 

If someone wants to send a virtual gift, we suggest creating a “fake” email account to send it from so they don’t give the secret away. People can also send their virtual gifts through a designated moderator!

Tip: Set a price limit for gifts so everyone stays within the same range.

Happy Holidays Together

No matter where your team is in the world or how they celebrate the holidays, hosting a virtual holiday party is the perfect way to bring everyone together. Don’t forget to check out The Escape Game for your holiday virtual team building!