Top Virtual Murder Mystery Party Options 2021

Posted: Thursday, Oct 7 2021

A virtual murder mystery party is a festive way to celebrate October’s spooky season with friends or co-workers. Whether you love theme parties, true crime, or just want a unique virtual team building activity, an online murder mystery party is a fantastic choice!

There are several options so we’ve narrowed down the top possibilities for an epic experience!

Top 8 Online Murder Mystery Parties

1. Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries

Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries has a slew of virtual murder mystery events to choose from!

Theme options include Murder in the West Wing, Mafia, Superheroes, and Space Smugglers!

Team members get to play various characters (including the murderer 👀 ) and search through virtual rooms for clues about the killer!

Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries are best suited for smaller groups since their games accommodate 6-12 guests.

2. When the Clock Strikes Murder

Complete with twists, turns, and professional actors, When the Clock Strikes Murder will be a night to remember! In the game, a mysterious organization called Crime Alive hosts a midnight gala. Everyone expects to have a good time, but when the clock strikes midnight, it’s clear that Crime alive has something much darker in mind!

3. Hosted Murder Mystery Party

The Murder Mystery Co. makes for a Zoom murder mystery party your team is dying to attend! Your team has been invited to a gathering by the professional host, Detective Ness. Together your team will have to decipher his clues and work together to solve the crime!

4. Black Noir Murder Escape

In Black Noir Murder Escape, your entire time will band together to solve an important murder in gangster-era New York City. It all begins when a mysterious letter finds its way into your hands. The letter leads your team through a series of crime scenes, puzzles, and suspects. Once you have all the information needed, your team must move quickly before the killer strikes again!

5. Ho-Ho-Homicide

Virtual murder mystery parties aren’t only for the spooky season! Play a holiday-themed game that is both merry and scary with Night of Mystery’s Ho-Ho-Homicide. Your team is tasked with seeking out what crazy killer plans to murder Santa!

6. A Bad Vintage

A Bad Vintage by Red Herring Games places your party at the Grand Cru vineyards in the Loire Valley in France.

The charismatic owners regularly host wine tasting that go off without a hitch. But tonight, one of the owners is found dead in a barrel of wine. It’s your team’s job to figure out who the killer is!

7. Murder Mystery Kit

GuiltyGames offers a customizable experience based on your team members. All the materials you need for your game (virtual host guide, character packets, intro, autopsy, and confession) are sent as a digital package ahead of time! Keep that in mind if you don’t have a person on your team who can facilitate the event!

8. Totally Rad ‘80s Prom Gone Bad

With Night of Mystery’s Rad ‘80s Prom Gone Bad, guests can attend a classic ’80s prom with a chilling twist.

There are tons of perfectly cliché cast members to play, like the preppy prom queen, sporty jock, mouthy rebel, and nerdy mathlete. and more.

Take the event up a notch by having everyone dress up in vintage-appropriate outfits! And don’t forget to play some ’80s jams!

Why a Virtual Murder Mystery Party?

Virtual murder mystery games are more than just fun! Check out these benefits:

Team building – If you’re playing a virtual murder mystery party with your work team, everyone will benefit from using creative thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. Studies show that team building exercises are essential for a team’s success.

Camaraderie – Not only do these games give your team a chance to get together and do something a little different, but it’s also an opportunity for them to learn some new things about each other!

Collaboration – Since it will take everyone working together to figure out solve the mystery. As a result, your team’s ability to collaborate will become stronger.

Creativity – As players in interactive online murder mystery games must often act as a character, perhaps in a different era or location, your team members’ creative juices will flow!

Safety – When you play interactive murder mystery games online, your team members don’t need an in-person gathering. Playing over Zoom or another video conferencing platform allows for social distancing without sacrificing fun!

Good times – The fun you have while playing a virtual murder mystery game will last forever in your memories and the screenshots you take!

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