7 Tools To Plan Fun Virtual Team Building Activities

Posted: Thursday, Sep 30 2021

As companies continue remote work, it can be challenging to create team connections that go beyond virtual team meetings or shared work projects. If you’re seeking effective ways to create rapport among colleagues, increase employee engagement, and build trust amongst teams, fun virtual team building activities are a perfect way to accomplish this!

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fun virtual team building leads to increased work capacity

Virtual team building is a method of creating positive connections with your remote colleagues through the use of engaging and entertaining activities that employ digital technology. There are many benefits of virtual team building activities, and even though it may seem daunting at first to plan such an event, it’s well worth it!

Below, we list seven essential tools needed to host a successful fun virtual team building activity event. For a deeper dive into understanding how to run a successful fun team building activity, check out our article on How to Make Virtual Team Building Fun.

1. Set Goals For Your Event

Before choosing from the many virtual team building activities out there, think about your desired outcome. Here are just a few goals that many companies are seeking to accomplish with virtual team building.

Increasing camaraderie and rapport with colleagues

Choose fun icebreakers that can help create connections between members of your remote team, such as asking icebreakers, playing two truths and one lie, or other games that push each coworker to share more about themselves and their preferences.

Creating challenges and fostering creativity

Think outside the box when selecting fun virtual activity ideas to inspire team members, such as scavenger hunts or games where they have to find clues and solve puzzles.

Building Relationships Through Teamwork

Try something fun like an activity that’ll challenge your team members with a collaborative task such as online team tournaments. The idea is to get team members to work together in a low-stress environment to improve team-building skills.

2. Pick The Right Virtual Platform

There are a variety of online platforms that you can use to host fun virtual team building activities. Take into account what your goals are and which online video conferencing platforms have features that are needed for your chosen activity. Some online platforms have options such as co-hosting, breakout rooms, moderation tools, screen sharing and more. 

The most popular platform is Google Hangouts, but Zoom tends to work better for many virtual team building activities. One of the best features is its breakout room capability.

But if you already have a preferred method for your group meetings, it’s best to use that platform because coworkers will already know how to log on and you can get to the fun part!

3. Choose A Convenient Date and Time

choosing a time and date for fun virtual team building activities

Consider what date and time will make the most sense for everyone, depending on how much time you’ll need for your activities and different time zones. For best results, plan it on and during a workday, as that’s most likely to fit into everyone’s schedule.

The frequency and type of activity will depend on how many people are in your organization. For smaller teams, once every few months might be appropriate. Larger groups may need more consistent team building activity sessions, like weekly or monthly get-togethers.

It all depends on your goals and how your team responds to your fun virtual team building activities!

4. Invite Everyone To The Event

It’s essential to send invites out in advance so that everyone can prepare for participating in your fun virtual team building activities. Include the date, time, where they’ll be virtually gathering for the activity, and other event details such as whether attendance is required or optional.

sending an email invite to a fun virtual team building activity

The easiest way to send out invites would be through email or by adding the event to the team calendar. Another option is to send a less formal invite via Paperless Post. This reinforces the fact that this scheduled activity is going to be a fun time and not a mundane work meeting!

5. Choose A Virtual Team Building Activity

Below are a few suggestions of some easy and fun virtual team building activities. These activities work well to bring team members together and create bonds between co-workers, especially if you have a new team or have just hired new team members!


Icebreaker activities are a great way to bring team members together and create bonds between co-workers if you have a new team or have just hired new team members. Check out some icebreaker questions here! The following are also a few icebreaker activities to try.

  • Two Truths And A Lie: This classic team building game asks team members to present three “facts” about themselves, one of which is actually not true! Everyone else in the group must figure out which is the lie.
  • Two-Minute Network: Split the group into pairs and send them to breakout rooms with a specific question to ask each other. Each group will have two minutes to answer each question. When the timer is up, they’ll switch partners and ask a new question.
  • One Common Thing: This easy game requires everyone to have a list with each other’s names on it. Next, you’ll want to set a timer and allow team members to find a similarity between each other. Team members can’t use the same similarity, encouraging them to learn new things about each other.
playing a fun virtual team building activity game

Games for Established Teams

If your team already knows each other and has a good rapport, you can play games that challenge team members to work together on playful tasks. Here are a few of the top-rated team building activities we recommend.

  • Virtual Trivia Game: This activity is great for larger groups. The host asks trivia questions and participants raise their hands to answer the question. You don’t need to come up with questions when you use a free tool like Random Trivia Generator. You can find other options from our article on Best Online Trivia Games for Virtual Team Building.
  • This Or That: This fun game includes one player choosing an object, place, or concept. From there, team members will ask questions in this or that format to help figure out the answer. For example, “Is it more like a big city or a person?”
  • Robbery Artist Sketch: Split your co-workers into two teams. Each team will choose a leader who will be shown an image of a face. The leader must describe the face to the team, who will then sketch out the face as best they can. The team that has drawn a sketch that most resembles the face described wins!
  • Mini-Scavenger Hunt: Split your team into two groups. One person from each group will be the leader, and they’ll come up with a list of items that are related to the given theme or topic. Team members must go around and find as many things on the list before returning back to the starting point. For a longer scavenger hunt activity, try a Museum Scavenger Hunts For Virtual Team Building.

For dozens of games to choose from, check out our article on 47 Fun, Easy Virtual Team Building Activities.

6. Stay Engaged And Increase Team Participation

illustration of people doing an oversized jigsaw puzzle

If you’re not excited, your team won’t be either! The best way to increase participation is to keep your team enthusiastic. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Give lots of encouragement when people try new things. Think of yourself as a coach rooting for everyone to be a winner! Give the team a thumbs up!
  • Keep the same energy level throughout the game or activity. No one wants someone who checks out halfway through the activity.
  • One way to keep yourself engaged is to take notes during activities. Write down observations you make during the activity so you can tweak anything for your next fun virtual team building activity.

7. Ask for feedback

Once your event is over, ask for feedback from your participants to help you see what worked and what didn’t. You can use an anonymous Google survey or directly ask team members for their thoughts after an activity.

illustration of people giving thumbs up or down

Gathering feedback is essential so that you can make sure your team gets the most out of each virtual team building activity! Knowing what team members liked and didn’t like can help you plan better for your next fun team building activity.

Final Thoughts

Fun virtual team building activities allow employees to participate in group sessions without being tied down by physical limitations like location. This provides an opportunity for organizations and teams alike to embrace digital transformation initiatives in order to bond no matter how far away from each other they are.