Why You Should Team Build at The Escape Game

4 players in the Mission: Mars Command Deck
Posted: Thursday, Nov 9 2017

We all know the vast benefits team building can have on your office from increased productivity to a deeper team bond and more. However, the truth is traditional team building games no longer motivate employees. No one gets excited to even get up from their desk for another trust fall, ropes course, or scavenger hunt. These do nothing to create friendships or help improve skills needed in the workplace. Isn’t there something that can boost morale, increase productivity, create a strong team bond? Insert the hottest trend in team building and experiential entertainment – The Escape Game.

Escape rooms are designed to challenge players and create an unforgettable experience for family and friends, but smart businesses have found escape room team building to be the perfect experience. Finally, something that combines the best of team building and team bonding. Here are the reasons why you should consider escape room team building for your next office outing.

1. Your team will develop communication skills.

Photo from our Playground experience

If you’re going to escape, you have to work together as a team. Basically, escape rooms force team members to communicate and this communication leads to breakthroughs. The better your team’s communication, the more clues your team will solve. Your team will get to experience first hand the power of effective communication and in a time-sensitive situation, they will learn each other’s communication styles and strengths on the fly. It’s an addictive feeling that they will take back to the office.

2. Escape rooms upset a traditional workplace hierarchy.

In an escape room, there are certainly leaders, but there are no job titles. The CEO may be stuck trying to solve a clue that their assistant quickly figures out. Not only do escape rooms give everyone a chance to shine, but they also put everyone on an even playing field. We’ve found this is something our groups love – from C Level to interns. While you won’t permanently drop your title, it’s likely employees at various levels will leave with new trust and appreciation for each other. Those who have inherent leadership qualities will stand out in an escape room team-building environment. If you’re looking to pinpoint employees who are ready to be put on a management track, this is the proving ground.

3. It helps develop problem-solving skills.

Four players in the Prison Break Warden's Office

Every day your team works through problems to achieve goals and meet deadlines so problem-solving is an essential skill. In an escape room just like in an office, you will have to solve problems but the key difference is escape rooms are a blast. At The Escape Game, our escape rooms are crafted for teams to have a hands-on experience together so they are filled with problems just waiting to be solved. It will inspire your team to work through what seemed like a dead-end to relive that amazing “I Escaped” feeling.

4. Reestablish team focus.

In today’s fast-paced society our minds have been trained to be thinking about multiple things at once. You might be thinking about what you’re having for dinner, the new movie that you want to see, and the current project at work all at the same time. The result is work that takes longer to complete because you have to constantly refocus. When you are in a totally immersive escape room at The Escape Game, you can’t possibly think about the outside world. In a timed and competitive setting, the whole team will be focused on one goal. Get the whole team disconnected from email, phone calls, and social media to show how successful they can be when they all work together!

5. Escape rooms are fun.

Team building can either feel like a chore or a huge reward. Reward your team with an incredible escape room team-building outing that you’ll hear about for months after the event. Imagine a morale boost you can see and feel. Your team will get to develop skills like problem-solving, time management, and creativity but it will just feel like an hour of fun escaping prison, taking part in a heist, collecting forbidden treasure or more!

Photo from Gold Rush

It might sound too good to be true, but all those benefits can be found within just one hour. Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself. Do your next team-building event at The Escape Game and you’ll see what we mean!

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