Team Building Ideas For Your Remote or Dispersed Team

Posted: Tuesday, Mar 30 2021

Do virtual escape rooms for team events sound fun? Or even a party game with the whole team laughing over bizarre prompts?

If you wish to engage your remote team with activities that are truly fun, keep reading below. We gathered ideas that will keep your team on the edge of their seat, all while boosting cooperation among colleagues and increasing worker productivity.

How about getting your team stoked on solving the mystery of an art thief? Or even guessing vegetables that start with the letter W? Check out 4 team building activities below that will engage your team and build camaraderie even through a remote or work from home team dynamic!

Why does virtual team building matter?

Did you know that according to a study by, 87% of remote workers feel more connected through video conferencing? And during these tough times when working from home, many companies have relied on video calls for their meetings. But, it’s important to also do virtual team building activities.

After all, meetings don’t really engage workers — and engagement is important to boost productivity and morale.

When done right, virtual team building can foster friendships between work colleagues, increase productivity, and make employees feel better during their workday. So, keep on reading to find out how to pick the best team building activity for your team!

How to pick the best virtual conference activities for your team?

The easiest way to discover what remote team event will work best is to simply ask your team about it. This can be done during a virtual brainstorming meeting or you can send a questionnaire by email with some suggestions.

After you find out your team’s preferences, you can pick the activities that will engage them best.

After all, if your team isn’t interested in the activity you’ve picked, all your team building efforts will be in vain — and could even backfire, resulting in less engagement.

So, it’s important to host these events correctly and we’re sure you’ll make the right choice. We have 4 team building ideas for you below. Take a look and see which ones would engage your team the most!

4 team building activities to engage your workers

1. The Escape Game Remote Adventures

Ever heard of escape rooms?

Remote Adventures are the virtual version of an escape room, featuring a Game Guide in real-time streaming the escape room to your team.

Your team has to escape and solve the challenges working together (just like in real life). 

Your team’s directions translate into an action by the Game Guide: be it to check out a clue, enter a combination into a lock or check out an area of the room.

Remote Adventures are a fun way to get your team together on an adventure to take part in an art heist or even to escape from a high-security prison!

It’s perfect to foster cooperation among your team, which will later reflect on day to day productivity at your company.

Google, Netflix, and Pepsi are a few companies that have escaped with us!

Learn more about The Escape Game Remote Adventures!

2. The Escape Game Unlocked for Teams

In this activity, you can gather up a thousand team members on a single mission!

That’s right! Your whole company will be split into teams of 5-7 detectives on a mission to track down art thief Vicent Hann before he steals yet another masterpiece from a museum. Teams will compete to catch the crook first. And the winner will receive ultimate office bragging rights!

The Escape Game Unlocked for Teams is a great way to get your whole company together in a battle of wits — from CEO to trainee — and a guaranteed way of getting everybody together on the same boat searching for clues!

Learn more about the Escape Game Unlocked for Teams!

3. The Jackbox Party Pack

Jackbox party packs are a great way to have fun with your team.

There are 7 party packs available for around $24. And since each pack includes around 5 mini-games, it’s a great value.

There are trivia mini-games, funny t-shirt design parties, espionage challenges, and whacky prompt events with the wildest of questions!

It’s great fun and easy to set up.

All you have to do is host the game on your computer, stream it via a video conference service (Zoom, Discord, Google Meet, etc), and then your team can join in with their cell phones.

To play Jackbox Party packs, the controllers are your own cell phones. So, it’s an easy team building activity that requires minimal investment in equipment.

Learn more about The Jackbox Party Pack!

4. Stopots

Remember the game Stop? Well, Stopots is the virtual version. A letter pops up and you have to think quickly of a word for each category.

This is a free game that you can host through a video conference tool, set up a room, and have a couple of laughs with the bizarre word choices of your team mates.

It’s a perfect virtual team building activity for decompression, especially in creative departments with your copywriters, marketers, and designers.

Maybe your next successful campaign will emerge during a Stopots session!

Learn more about Stopots!

More virtual team building ideas

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