Online Trivia Games for Team Building

woman looking at a laptop on a virtual meeting with people raising their hands
Posted: Wednesday, Oct 6 2021

Virtual team building activities are intentional games and activities that keep remote teams connected and having fun. One awesome team building option is playing an online trivia game together!

Online trivia games allow teams to have lighthearted fun, work collaboratively on answers, and even learn something new. Playing trivia games can also have mental health benefits! Studies show that recalling obscure facts often induces a rush of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that sends feelings of joy to our brain.

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Here, we’ve gathered the best online trivia games to help your remote or hybrid team have fun and stay connected!

Online Trivia Games for Teams

1. Trivia Maker

This virtual option allows you to custom create trivia games or select a pre-made option. The creators of TriviaMaker worked to create a product intended for use on video conferencing software. That means the platform is both user-friendly and fun!

2. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a fantastic for free trivia team building. They feature a business version designed specifically to energize employees and promote team cohesion within the game!

3. GameApart

GameApart makes trivia with large teams a breeze. First, gather team members onto a video call. Then, each person selects the game the team would like to play and uses a QR code to connect. From there, teams can play trivia games, word games, and Apples to Apples-style games!

4. Popcorn Trivia

man looking at a laptop on a virtual meeting with people raising their hands

Film buffs, this is the game for you! Popcorn Trivia questions focus on movies and film, with new questions added every week!

5. Crowdpurr

Crowdpurr is a live online trivia game created specifically for teams on mobile devices. With easy set up, customizable game play, and a real-time leader board, this is a great option for teams who love trivia and are ready for a fun time together!

6. Virtual Trivia Time Machine

Outback Team Building created a hosted Virtual Trivia Time Machine that will throw your team back all the way to the 1960s!

First players get warmed up with a few questions in separate breakout rooms. Then, The teams come together and play a fast-paced game of trivia packed with nostalgia, laughs, and friendly competition!

7. LivingFacts

If your team loves American history LivingFacts is a must-play! Your team can test their general knowledge on the American flag, different branches of government, former presidents, and iconic historical figures.

Hosted Online Trivia Games

Playing a virtual trivia game quiz with an actual host is an excellent option for teams that want to have fun without worrying about the logistics of an event.

Take a look at these live, hosted online trivia game options:

Random Trivia Generator

woman looking at a laptop in a virtual meeting with people raising their hands

Sometimes asking a trivia question at the beginning of a team meeting can be great ice breaker! A Random Trivia Generator can supply you with a question from a wide variety of topic!

Trivia Games For Hybrid Teams

Whether your company has returned to the office or is in a hybrid situation, you can still enjoy a round of trivia together! Here are engaging trivia games you can play in person.


Cranium combines trivia, Pictionary, charades, sculpting, and word puzzles into one hilarious game. This is a fantastic choice for large groups because the game highlights various strengths and interests on a team!


Linkee is a game that features three clues on each card. Your job is to figure out the one thing that links all four clues together. Here’s a simple example: If the clues are Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, the link would be Seasons!

…I should have known that!

This game has over 400 questions with answers that make you say …I should have known that!” when you don’t guess the answer correctly. For example, “Is starboard on the left or right side of a boat?”,  “How do you say “Japan” in Japanese?”, “Is a penguin a bird?”, “How long did Sleeping Beauty actually sleep?”

Rather than receiving points for every correct answer, players lose points for every incorrect answer. Think hard about the answers to these questions… you should know them!

Additional Team Building

Remember with trivia, it’s not always about answering questions correctly. The most important thing to consider is creating a fun environment for a team! If you’d like more virtual team building to supplement an online trivia game, try out Unlocked For Teams from The Escape Game!