Make Any Night An Epic Adventure

Two Astronauts in a very tense situation
Posted: Wednesday, Feb 13 2019

Doing the same thing every night can be lame. Sure, we all have our routines and our favorite spots to hang out at, but how many nights can you really spend watching Netflix? Stop yelling at the screen – it’s time to actually become a part of the action!

Sometimes you just need to break away from the ordinary and do something epic. With the right mix of people and a little imagination – the possibilities are endless. Are you ready to make your next night out legen… wait for it… dary? A trip to The Escape Game is just what you need.

Exciting New Worlds

Looking for an out-of-this-world experience? The Escape Game has one-of-a-kind tactile experiences for those looking for an epic adventure. Entering our immersive worlds will give you the opportunity to break out of prison, escape Mars, or find lost gold. Find yourself in a new world and leave as a hero!

Bring The Right Crew

Each escape game room is filled with infinite possibilities! You and your team have to communicate and work together in order to escape the room. This could open new doors for you and your team by uncovering hidden talents like solving puzzles and discovering clues.

An Epic Night Out Starts At The Escape Game

No matter what escape game you and your team choose to take on, you’ll learn how to work together, and you’ll have fun doing it. By sharing ideas, searching for clues, and solving puzzles, you’re bound to create lasting memories and have a blast! Plus, we’ll even share a few escape room cheats to help you get started.

Can’t Wait To Get Started?

Ready to try an escape game room? Each of our escape game locations has a variety of escape rooms to play. All of our escape rooms provide players with a unique experience that will have you using your senses and thinking outside the box. Can you beat the clock?

Want to experience an epic adventure at The Escape Game? Book a room today!


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