Introducing TEG Studios!

A player in Mission: Mars
Posted: Tuesday, Sep 4 2018

Ever wonder who’s behind The Escape Game and our experiences? Meet TEG Studios, The Escape Game’s parent company.

What’s TEG Studios?

TEG Studios is a collective of innovators, creators, and connectors. We design and deliver custom experiences that are always expanding the boundaries of what is possible.

Our goal is to create the most accessible and immersive experiential entertainment in the world. Inside everyone is a risk-taker. A problem solver. A champion, an explorer, a hero. Our experiences are for the adventurer in all of these.

What does TEG Studios create? 

We make branded activations, corporate training experiences, custom escape rooms…and things that have never been done before. Whether the experience is intended to educate or just entertain, we are going to make it epic.

Here’s a recap of our latest creation, Grounded.

What’s unique about Grounded?

-No player limits. We can scale this to literally thousands of people.
-Live interactive scoring.
-Immersive gameplay.

We loved creating Grounded and are so excited to continue to design and deliver epic interactive experiences for every single guest.

Want to learn more about TEG Studios? Visit or email