The Escape Game Team-Building Tips

Jan 19, 2018

How to effectively team-build at The Escape Game

It’s 2019, so say goodbye to awkward ice-breakers and trust falls. Because this is the year you finally introduce fun team-building activities to the office. Say hello to The Escape Game.

Yes, escape rooms hone important skills such as leadership, teamwork, patience, and perseveranceand yes, escape rooms are a great opportunity for colleagues to bond outside of the office, relieve stress, and cultivate an atmosphere of camaraderie. But that’s not the point. The point is that escape rooms are fun and the science is in: employees who have fun are more productive.

So for your next outing, send everyone a calendar invitation to The Escape Game and get ready for the most awesome day at work ever. In the meantime, here are some escape game team-building tips to ensure that your team gets the most out of their experience at The Escape Game.


The Escape Game Team-building Tip #1: Be smart when pairing up teams

On average, we can fit 6-8 people in one room and some games can fit up to 12 people. Groups who exceed the maximum capacity per room will be divided into smaller groups and play in different rooms.

Get creative with how you determine the teams. If you’re trying to improve how people work within their own department, put all the members of the marketing department together in one room competing against all the accountants in another. Or, if you’re trying to encourage more communication between departments, pair people up with coworkers from different departmentsput Chris from Accounting with Lauren from Design.


The Escape Game Team-Building Tip #2: Make it a competition with an incentive

A little friendly competition can make team-building more fun. You can raise the stakes by offering a prizefree lunch, gift cards, a trophyfor the team who escapes first. Giving your teams a goal to work towards (even if it is beating their coworkers) will inspire them to work together. 


The Escape Game Team-Building Tip #3: Have teams strategize beforehand

Let the teams get together before arriving on-site to plan and strategize. One possible strategy might be to divide up the tasks between the players: Stephanie keeps a watch on the clock, Jason communicates between groups solving multiple puzzles, and everyone else in the group focuses on solving individual puzzles. You can even take this quiz to determine which roles each person will be most likely to fill in an escape room. (It might be helpful to have someone in each group who has previously played an escape room who can take the lead in determining strategy.)

This tip is totally optional! Part of the fun of playing an escape room is figuring out your plan as you are presented with challenges. Having your team figure out a plan as they gothat’s a great learning opportunity too.


The Escape Game Team-Building Tip #4: Have a post-game debrief session

Be sure to set some time after you play to discuss the game. This doesn’t need to be an official meeting in a conference roomit can be a quick, informal chat with your team members about what strategies worked and what didn’t, some highlights, or favorite clues. Take this opportunity to ask them to reflect together on what they would do differently the next time they play.


The Escape Game Team-Building Tip #5: Plan ahead

Coordinate your team-building visit with our booking team. We can help you with all the details beforehand so that when the day of the event arrives, you can focus solely on helping your team escape! 

Escape rooms are great team-building experiences because they give everyone in the office a shared experience and memory. So get everyone at work excited about being a team and come play! To get started, select your location from the list below:

New Orleans
Pigeon Forge