The 6 Best Virtual Event Planning Companies

Posted: Wednesday, Sep 8 2021

Planning an in-person event for a large group of people is often a daunting task and not one completed by a singular person. Add in the intricacies of a virtual event and the venture can seem near impossible. However, it isn’t! With the help of a virtual event planning company, you can host a variety of cost effective, virtual events at ease.

What is a Virtual Event Planning Company?

A virtual event planning company serves as the organizer, marketer, management, and coordinator for virtual and hybrid events. As full-service agencies, they eliminate the organizational burden of those would like to host a virtual event, but do not want to contend with the logistical headache. They allow companies and individuals to focus on the fun of team building.

The Best Virtual Event Planning Companies

The six best virtual event planning companies according to the escape game

At The Escape Game, we’ve compiled our favorite six virtual event management companies to help you host your next large scale virtual event with ease. These six virtual event platforms also cover a wide variety of team building needs so you’re sure to find an option perfect for your team. No matter what type of event you’re looking to plan, you will definitely find the perfect solution here!

1. Kapow

With Kapow, you can seamlessly find, book, and manage small corporate events. Through their services you can find fun, online activities perfect for team building and company parties like escape rooms, professional development seminars, and wine tastings. Kapow is perfect if you’d like to plan multiple activities for a singular event without having to juggle booking information for numerous companies.  

2. Marco

Marco plans virtual events

Marco will help your team create a meaningful experience together. “We believe technology can build community – but shared brand experiences create a culture.” With this mindset, they focus on a cohesive, engaging, event with activities to bring your team closer and allow your company culture to thrive.

Marco also believes in hosted events for a cause. For a limited time, you can participate in an activity where the proceeds go towards a charitable cause. Using Marco, you can create a custom experience for your team.

Marco offers a quiz on their homepage to help tailor a custom experience perfect for your team!

3. Access Elite

A happy team is a healthy team. Access Elite works to help your team be their best by making wellness a priority. As the first well-being driven platform, they offer comprehensive physical, mental and emotional support, wherever your team might be.

On their platform you can sign up for different types of mindfulness related activities like yoga, kickboxing, meditation, and pilates. If you’re looking for holistic team building options, Access Elite is the virtual event planner for you.

4. Evee

Evee hosts online events for large groups

Evee works with you to plan a seamless, fun event designed to bring your team closer together. Through Evee’s extensive, curated network of event partners, you can easily create a virtual team building event. They work to streamline the various, complicated aspects of an event, from guest management to location coordination. This way, all you have to do is show up, log in, and enjoy the event! 

One unique feature Evee offers is a financial management service. With that, you can optimize your available team building budget and receive a visible ROI that goes towards maximizing your team’s engagement. Evee’s event planner software allows you to customize and style things according to your company’s branding. That means you can make the event feel personal down to the final details.

5. Host Events

Host events is a virtual event planning company.

For a collection of interactive experiences, try out Host Events for your next virtual team building event. Through live events and a commitment to customer service, this virtual event planning company works to provide truly memorable experiences. Their event activity options include virtual happy hours, games and adventures, health and wellness options, food features, art-centered activities, and charitable activities.

Host Events also offers seasonal events, which is perfect if you’re looking for something more specific with the time of year. Seasonal events can include themed cocktail happy hours, themed painting activities, or a cooking class with seasonal food items.

6. Boombox Events

With a sizable amount of team building options, Boombox Events is a great virtual planning company for your next private online event. They have events and activities focused on different categories like entertainment, wellness, price, and holiday. Boombox will happily help you book and coordinate your event in minutes.

One special feature that Boombox Events offers is having a celebrity guest cameo as part of your event. From Steve Wozniak to Gabby Douglas and Carole Baskin, there are many great options! You’re sure to find the perfect person who’s achieved success in their field to speak with your team.

Why Should You Use a Virtual Event Planner?

Simply put, virtual event planners make your life easier. Instead of sifting through countless online team building activities, use a planning resource. A virtual event planner has already collected, categorized, and ranked activities that will be worth your company’s time and dollars. A planner skilled in events, virtual and in-person, understands which types of activities work to keep an audience engaged.

A virtual event planning company makes it easy to plan team building.

They are also experts at event technology and can help synthesize calendar dates, financial payments, and activity information in one place. From virtual conferences to department team building, a planning company takes care of the headache so you can take care of your team. For feedback, try asking your team how they felt about all of the activities post event. That way you can determine how helpful a virtual event planner was or was not.

Don’t forget to ask about live streaming! Depending on the specific event or activity, the session can be live streamed or recorded for those unable to attend at the same time across the globe.