5 Virtual Activities for Spring Break (2021)

Posted: Wednesday, Mar 3 2021

Spring break might look a little different this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. We’ve rounded up five awesome activities for your friends and family to enjoy, while staying safe at home!

1.Tour The Louvre

No passport needed for this virtual trip. If you’ve ever wanted to see the world’s largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris, France now’s your chance! Hop online YouVisit.com’s virtual tour with family and friends and you can check out The Grand Gallery, Napoleon’s apartment, and several other favorite spots. You can hop on a Zoom call with friends start exploring together.

2. Play a Virtual Escape Room

Digital escape rooms provide a challenging adventure for you and your friends, family or loved-ones.You’ll get the same cooperative gameplay, puzzles and tasks to overcome as you all work towards a shared goal — escaping the room, except it’s all virtual. And to kick up the intensity a notch, you and your crew will only have a limited amount of time to do it.The Escape Game Remote Adventures offer several fun themes to choose from so you could be solving an art heist, breaking out of prison, or finding the gold with your team!

Unlocked is a fully online adventure, get your codes and play all three! Unlocked is an at-home adventure game packed with codes to be cracked, clues to be uncovered and puzzles to be solved. If you love escape rooms, you’ll love solving your way through these online mysteries. Success will require deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and a bit of wit! Best of all you can start, stop, save your progress and pick back up when you’re ready to keep going.

3. Ride a Virtual Roller Coaster

Skip the lines and take your imagination for a ride with these 360-degree roller coaster rides. It might not be the real thing, but it’ll do until your next in-person theme park visit! There are five different rides you can watch, so it’s perfect for the adventurer who doesn’t like heights or waiting in long lines during the summer.

4. Take an online Cooking Class.

Are you a foodie? Either way, Sur La Table’s cooking classes are sure to be a fun way to bond with your family (or friends). They offer 90-120 minute classes. All you have to do is reserve your spot, and download your prep packet so you’re ready to go! You can even take a class with Chopped judges Marcus Samuelson, or Scott Conant.

5. Attend a Virtual Concert

Miss live music? We do too. Here’s an ongoing list of upcoming shows you can attend from home via a streaming service or on YouTube. While most venues don’t have re-open dates yet, you can still get your live music performance fix. You could even host a listening party with your friends so you can participate together, just hop on Zoom and jam away!